Classic wines

Quality. Care. Attention.

Classic wines, the proud depositories of a territory and an ancient, noble tradition which has always sought the quality of the end result, with constant attention to care of the vineyard and the vinification process, starting from the careful choice of harvest time. Work in the cellar, ageing and finally bottling are also carried out with care and attention, in the knowledge that wine is a demanding, living product.


Villadoria wines have experienced changing times, transforming themselves little by little, heirs to a great not only wine-growing but also cultural and philosophical legacy.


Villadoria represents the completeness and complexity of a wine whose history is condensed in the bottle. It is the essence and synthesis of a terroir with clear, distinctive characteristics. It is the natural expression of a territory that “lives” on its wine. In the last analysis it is the result of man’s work, splendidly combined with the wonder that is nature.

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