Our vineyards are our most important heritage. Mostly planted to Nebbiolo for Barolo, they stretch out along the western slopes of the Serralunga d’Alba hills, in the quality wine area par excellence.

The Environment

In addition to Nebbiolo for Barolo, the Cappallotto estate also has Merlot and Muscat vineyards, as well as hazelnut groves producing the well-known IGP Tonda Gentile variety.

Our care for our environment reflects nature’s ancestral canons scrupulously, safeguarding the integrity of the lands we grew up on. Vineyard sustainability is our primary objective.

The Area

Serralunga d’Alba is a small town with a population of just over 500. On the summit of its hill is an imposing and unique medieval castle.

One of the best known of the 11 Barolo producing towns, it has a special terroir, making its wines unique and highly distinctive the world over.

It is on these gentle hills that the Villadoria cellars are located, with vineyards climbing high up to the west towards the castle.