SIBILLA White Fizzy Wine

Formati speciali



Grape variety

Mainly cortese grape and other white varieties


Production zone and characteristics

Grapes for this wine come from hilly vineyards in the best areas of piedmont the exposure of the mid-altitude hill vineyards and the soil composition (calcareous marl) ensure the production of high quality grapes.


Yield per hectare

90 hectoliters



Grapes are harvested by hand and then directly very soft crushed. Fermentation takes place at low temperature without contact with the skins in order to emphasize the aromas and the characteristic of the grapes. The wine is re- fermented in autoclave until when the pressure of 2.5 bar is developed. During the following two weeks, the typical floral notes enriched by an elegant vegetal trait complete the wine structure.


Organoleptic characteristics

Straw-yellow colour with light green highlights. The foam is fine and lively. The bouquet is rich of fruity and floral scents recalling the golden apple and the white flowers. Thanks to the fine bubbling, in the mouth it has an appealing freshness.



White wine young and fresh, everyday wine to drink as aperitif, with fruit, finger food, light dishes, starters, vegetables, white meat and fish.


Serving temperature

10 °c


Alcoholic strength

11,5 – 12,5 % vol<

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