Langhe Rosso D.O.C. Bricco Magno

Bricco Magno is a wine with a long history: its label shows an original 1899 painting found in the Cappalotto farmhouse, depicting the vineyard which rises in front of Villadoria cellars. The name means ‘Great Hill’, which is a good name for a wine born many years ago, the brainchild of Pietro and Daniele Lanzavecchia and now the Villadoria brand’s ambassador the world over. It is modern in style and encompasses the power of its land of origin and the modernity of today’s techniques.

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Grape variety

Mainly Nebbiolo


Production zone and characteristics

The grapes come from carefully selected Langhe and Roero vineyards. The area comprises highly diverse territories and different soils, ranging from Alba limestone marls to the sandy soils of the Roero hills. The winemaker’s expert hands select the best-suited vineyards for sparse bunches of small grapes, perfect for making this fine wine. Yields are around 60 hectolitres per hectare and training systems range from Guyot to spurred cordon.



The grapes are destemmed and then crushed very gently. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in controlled temperature stainless steel tanks. The time on the skins varies from 10 to 15 days, depending on vintage. Frequent delastage help to extract the noble substances present on the skins. Malolactic fermentation occurs after racking off.



The first phase of ageing takes place in small oak barrels, after which the wine completes its ageing in barrels of various sizes, until it achieves the right aroma-flavour balance. An international style wine, it needs at least 2 years ageing before reaching its maximum potential.


Tasting characteristics

It is ruby red in colour with garnet highlights. On the nose it has violet, rose, vanilla and cocoa aromas. In the mouth it is warm, full-bodied, velvety, rounded and long lasting, with an all encompassing, harmonious finish. Pronounced but well rounded, its woody note is due to ageing.


Food pairings

Meat based pasta and rice and main dishes. Aged cheeses.


Serving temperature

18-20 C°.  It is advisable to open the bottle an hour before serving.


Alcohol by volume

13 – 13.5% vol. depending on vintage

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