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Piemonte Brachetto DOC

Piemonte Brachetto D.O.C.

Grape variety

Production area and characteristics
Grapes for this wine come from the hills around Acqui Terme. The terrain and exposure of the selected vineyards create ideal conditions for the production of grapes with small, very aromatic berries.

Yield per hectare
It varies from year to year.

Grapes are harvested by hand and crushed. After brief contact with the skins the must is immediately cooled; soft crushing follows. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in temperature- controlled autoclaves.

Fermentation is interrupted by refrigeration when the wine reaches an alcohol content of around 6 degrees and 100 g/l of residual sugars. Sterile filtration and bottling follow.

Sensory properties
Pink with ruby hints. Fine perlage and persistent foam. The bouquet is rich with aromatic scents, rose and straw- berry. Its natural vivacity makes it pleasantly sweet and fresh in the mouth.

Food pairing
Sweet and sparkling, it goes well with all desserts; ideal for celebrating special occasions or to end the meal.

Serving temperature
10 C°.

Alcohol content
6-7% Vol., according to the vintage.

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