iwcInternational Wine Challenge 2017

prizes the NEBBIOLO Heart, Soul and Mood of Lanzavecchia Family,
vines growers and wines producers in Serralunga d’Alba – Langhe, from 4 generations.

The Winner is Nebbiolo grape that is masterly expressed
in the 3 prized wines of Villadoria.


Barolo DOCG 2013

Seductive, scented and complex aromatics of balsamic and spice. Firm and tight with generous, mature flavours ,superfine tannins and compelling freshness.


Barbaresco DOCG 2014

A youthful wine that has plenty of liquorice and fleshy fig and prune fruit but needs time for the tannins to resolve.


Langhe Rosso Bricco Magno 2013

Typical raspberry fruit with savoury truffle notes and hints of red plum with earthy grainy tannins which will go well with food.

Barolo, Barbaresco and Bricco Magno invite you to discover their powerfull, complex and full bodied flavors and excellence.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about.

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