Piemonte Cortese D.O.C.

Grape variety: Cortese 100%

Production area and characteristics:

 Grapes for this wine come from the Alessandria province. The exposure of the mid-altitude hill vineyards and the composition of the terrain (calcareous marl) ensure the production of high quality grapes.


Yield per hectare: 80 hectolitres.


Vinification: Grapes are harvested by hand and then directly very soft crushed. Fermentation takes place at low temperature without contact with the skins (white vinification) in order to emphasize the aromas and characteristics of the grape variety.

Ageing: A vintage wine, it is ready for bottling at the beginning of the year after harvest.

Sensory properties: Straw-yellow colour with light greeny highlights. The bouquet is rich in floral and fruity scents, green apple in particular. The balanced acidity gives it an appealing freshness in the mouth.

Accompaniment: A white to drink every day, it goes well with appetizers, low fat white meat and fish.

Serving temperature: 10 °C.

Alcoholic strength: 12 % Vol.

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